Take the hassle out of the weekly shop!

A lot of expats when they move overseas to places such as Thailand seem to think that things don’t work as well as they do back home. Thi  can be true a lot of the time, but one place where this isn’t the case is when you order food online from Tesco.

I did it for the first time yesterday and it was an absolute breeze! So if you don’t want to be lugging back all your bags from Tesco in the blistering heat you just need to head to their online site here. I’s worth the extra 60 THB for them to bring it all to your doorstep. The process couldn’t be easier, in all honesty I was VERY surprised just how easy it was. It does feel good to stroll around the aisles but why not cut out all the hassle and just do it from your phone or laptop?

The site is well laid out, user friendly and even booking the time of delivery is easy. It’s so straight forward even my mum could figure it out and that is certainly saying something!

So I hopped on the site and chose everything I needed from the comfort of my own condo. The thing I really liked was that it cut out all of those impulse buys I am guilty of making when I stroll around aisles. It also meant that stocking up on cleaning products (yes, I do clean….sometimes) which weigh a ton was easy, I always forget to buy them so I don’t have to sweat it out carrying them home.

So here’s how it all works:

Choosing what you want

As you can imagine, everything is divided up easily in to categories so you don’t have to be scrolling through list upon list of items. You can filter your search results based on brands also.


Booking the delivery time

Organising a time couldn’t be easier, the system is up to date and you can book a two hour window. Mine arrived between the time slot of 10am-midday, massively impressed! The driver even called me when he was on the way, he spoke good english too.



You an choose to pay online or pay in cash when the delivery reaches you. Personally I prefer to pay online using visa so that I don’t have to faff around with cash whilst picking up the bags from the super friendly driver.

So they didn’t have a product?

I got a really nice call from a guy at around 10.30, who spoke perfect English, letting me know that they didn’t have the eggs in stock that I ordered. So he told me I could either A get a refund or B they would select a similar product at the same cost. Obviously I went for B, you can’t complain with that service! Tesco are really on the ball.

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