A relaxing weekend break from Bangkok: Jomtien

I love Bangkok but sometimes city life can get too much. Luckily enough for everyone who lives in BKK we are spoilt for choice when it comes to awesome places to visit. Time cannot always be on our side, so where’s the best place to head to if you want to feel the sand between your feet and relax? For me it has to be Pattaya or Jomtien – you can be on the beach within 2 hours!

Lots of people hear the place Pattaya and instantly think about a male dominated city who are there just for women in bars. Ok, so this is certainly the case in some areas BUT that’s only in some areas! When I last visited I was sat on a condo balcony watching the sunset over the ocean, strolling down a quiet road (with out a lady bar insight) to one of the best oceanside restaurants I have been to.

I know so of you will be reading this thinking hat a break to Pattaya is not for you. Well, let me talk you through my 3 day break – how I got there, where I stayed and what I did. I’m sure I can convert the haters!

How to Get There

You can always catch a minibus from Ekamai bus station or Victory Monument for around 200 THB, but why be on someone else’s schedule when it’s your break? I personally think that if there’s at least 2 of you that you should opt for a private car which will cost around 1,200 THB. You’ll be picked up at your door, hop in, sit back and relax until you hit your destination. If you want to stop on the way just ask the driver who will speak enough English to understand. Check out the car below that I travelled in, I could stretch out fully, do a little work and really relax…a perfect start!


Where To Stay

I have stayed at a few hotels in Pattaya, some really good 5 stars but I won’t be heading back. It’s Airbnb all the way from now on! The area you want to be staying in is called Cozy Beach – it’s quiet, has a wealth of restaurants and not a lady bar insight. There are some super cool places to eat and drink close by. I stayed at the Cliff Condo which was fantastic, look at the view from my balcony….


What is There to Do?

My personal favourite has to be The Glass House Restaurant in Jomtien, if you’re looking for great food, relaxing atmosphere and the perfect place to watch the sun go down then look no further…


Then another little great idea is to visit the floating market, yes it is very touristy but it’s a decent little day out. You get in a boat and go around the floating village, it should be done when you’re in town.

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Of course if you want to live it up then Walking Street has to be top of the list. I think everyone should experience Walking Street at least once. It’s fun, lively and a hell of an eye opener…..but still fun for all the family, you’ll see people of all ages walking down the street taking in some jaw dropping sites.

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