I’m 33 today – here’s what I’ve got planned!

SO I am turning 33 today! For some weird reason it’s made me start to look at where I am in life, 33 sounds mature..no? Well, it’s been an amazing year that’s for sure. This time last year I was in Ghana with my mum, one of by best mates and his mum, about to embark on a massive road trip. You’ll see we ‘went native’for the road trip in this picture.


I know a lot of people make new year resolutions on January 1 each year, but I thought it was about time I set my self some goals to achieve before I hit the 34 next year. I tried to keep them realistic but also push myself as well. To be honest a few of them I should have done years ago. It’s one thing making a list and another thing having the drive to make it happen! So I am going to keep updating you on how I am getting on and whenever I complete one of the 9 goals!

So here’s the list, let me know what you think.

1) Upgrade my living arrangements – so I want to move into a nicer condo, that’s bigger, more relaxed and makes me enjoy living in BKK more.

2) Visit the Philippines for at least 4 weeks – it’s a country I’ve always wanted to visit and have only heard great things about.

3) Write at least 2 blog posts per week

4) Fly my mum out to Thailand for a holiday

5) Create another stream of income – right now I have 3, so I’m looking for a fourth.

6) Between 33-34 bank $10,000 USD – I mean added to my savings

7) Conquer one of my fears

8) Workout at least 2-3 times a week, hopefully much more!

9) When I am in BKK, take at least one trip a month. It’s so easy to fly around here and it’s one of the best countries in the world – it’s a waste not to see it all.
We’ll see this time next year how I get on, wish me luck! As you can see, the birthday has already got off to a great start with a very special person buying 33 presents 🙂

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