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I am a member of several expat groups on Facebook here in Bangkok, if you live here and you’re not part of them then sign up right away! The big two to join are Bangkok Expats and Desperately Seeking Bangkok.

One of the questions I keep seeing pop up on a weekly basis is people searching for a reliable cleaner that can sort out their condo or house on a regular basis. The community is always great at throwing several suggestions out there, but you can never really know which will work. I am now a huge fan of ms claire cleaning.


I am sure I can’t be the only one out there who gets a little lazy and really does need someone to come round regularly to make sure guests don’t think you’re a complete reprobate! It’s also amazing to have a good cleaner come round if you’ve been on the road for a while and need the place dusted.

If you’re hiring an independent person then you can be pretty sure they won’t have cleaning products or all the tools they need. Most people don’t have all of the equipment needed because they simply never use them! So forget about hiring individuals and nip it straight in the bud by going to a reliable company.

It might cost more but the whole process is much easier. You can do everything online, choose the service you need, the time you want it done and also if the frequency that you’d like the cleaners to visit. Here’s the price list below – I know it might be a little pricier than other individual cleaners out there but these guys are pros and bring all the things that people like me don’t have in the cupboard.


Here’s everything you’ll get done on the minimum package, such great value!


The cleaners showed up on time, spoke enough english for us to get by and did a fantastic job. I am more than happy to pay 700 THB ($20) to get my condo looking as clean as a whistle every two weeks. 700 THB for 3 hours of labour, plus transport and materials is a very fair deal indeed! You can pay with visa or Paypal – Paypal is perfect for me because I work online so always have a few dollars in the Paypal.

I used, if you’re in need of a good cleaning service with a simple booking process then these are your guys. You can contact them on Line, Facebook, email or phone if needed. So stop procrastinating and get that condo cleaned!

By the way guys, I am not getting anything from letting you know about this awesome service. I just know there’s loads of people out there in my position who would be much happier with a cleaner condo.


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